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The International Théophile Legrand Textile Innovation Awards 2018

                 In its ninth year, The International Théophile Legrand Textile Innovation Awards are being under the auspices of the Fondation de France and coordinated by the Union des Industries Textiles (UIT), the union of textile industries, the employers'association representing the diversity of French textile sections and regions. In 2018, two prizes of € 8,000 and € 7,000 have been presented to those textile projects considered to be the most innovative.

 Launched in 2009 in Fourmies (France - Nord) by Dominique and Christian Cambier, founders of the Théophile Legrand Foundation working closely with the Fondation de France.


Textile Innovation Awards 2018 The International Théophile Legrand Textile Innovation Awards have been presented on Thursday March 15, 2018 at the Conference Centre "Capital 8", 32 rue de Monceau 75008 Paris and on Friday March 16, 2018 at Ecomusée in Fourmies  - France.

 Both prizes were awarded to Neda Shah-Hosseini (Iran) (1st Prize). Project on "Oriented electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering (Nerve Repair Graft).

 and Zuzana Hrubosova (Slovak Republic) (2nd Prize).Project : Textile Braille Labelling.

 120 candidates from 31 different nations since the creation of the Prize in 2009

 With candidates from all over the world (North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Pacific ...), the Théophile Legrand price has become in 8 years the largest one in the world. It is the best endowed in the field of Textile Innovation.  Since its setting up in 2009, 120 candidates have applied for this award.

From 31 different nations (USA, China, Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Pakistan, Lithuania, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, New Zealand, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Romania, Mali, Tunisia, Syria, Republic of Kazakhstan, Hungary…), these 120 candidates are from the 27 largest universities, engineering textiles schools or textile research laboratories in Europe, Asia and North America (USA, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, New Zealand, Turkey…).


An international reference

 In nine years, this award has become a reference for major international textile engineering schools and professionals from the textile industry. Giving rise to viable products, to win this award constitutes important international recognition on the CV of a selected candidate and winner. Several of them have seen their inventions enter the initial industrialization phase or commercialisation by subcontractors in the automotive and aerospace sectors or by significant players in the textile industry.


 Other innovations of the Théophile Legrand price have been used in creations designed by international designers. These avant-garde concepts were presented at the "Futurotextiles" exhibition in Paris or on the occasion of fashion shows at Louvre in Paris, in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, in Cali, Colombia, in Halifax, Canada, or in Algiers, Algeria.From Intelligent textiles to bright textiles, from "self-cleaning and antibacterial" fibers to  "Obstacle detector", garment  through the development of a "valve stent" prosthetic textile fiber and the creation of a new  method of wool colouring, the first five editions of the Théophile Legrand Awards have sometimes honored  revolutionary processes, which have now become applications in many areas: medical, military, athletic, aerospace, automotive, luxury ready to wear , sustainable development, support for the disabled ...


Booklet Textile Innovation Award 2018

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